As the founder of Begonia Wellness Club, I have developed several services that benefit your health.

My consultations take place online. I only give personal coaching sessions in Hoeilaart (in the forest) for Qigong and breathing techniques.


- Free online events: about e.g. food intolerance, detoxification, stabilization of blood sugar, autoimmune diseases, thyroid, gynecological problems. I give a lecture every month, in English and Hungarian. You will find the current list on my Facebook page: Begonia Wellness. Subscribe to my mailing list: hello@begoniawellness.club 


- First consultation is free: You can request a consultation via hello@begoniawellness.club. Prior to the consultation, I will collect all useful information about you (including blood tests, medical background) and I will also fill in a short questionnaire with you. The aim is to make this first consultation useful and concise and to be able to make a concrete program proposal. The consultation lasts 30 minutes and takes place online via Skype, Messenger, WA. You can contact me in English, Dutch, French or Hungarian.

- One-week diet plan: This is full written advice that I developed at the request of my guests due to the great interest. It's about reviewing your existing diet or writing a suggestion for a week based on what you like or don't like and what best suits your health, your rhythm of life.

- Detection of food intolerance: Many people are not aware that food intolerance is often the cause of bloating or minor (sometimes major) health problems. It is worth looking at and dealing with. In my practice, I work with different labs and test between 150 and 500 items respectively. This is very detailed and useful information. When intolerance is confirmed, I help my guests with an individual program, even with personalized recipes, intestinal flora regeneration, detoxification, and other methods. We were also able to effectively treat autoimmune diseases, cysts, hormonal disorders, and inflammation with this method. This pleases me because I have had many cases where my client happily informed me that his doctor was finally able to reduce the medication because the lifestyle and diet changes were working so well. These are real successes for me.

- Vitamin check: Are you taking vitamins or food supplements? I am an independent expert and can advice you on this subject. I also recommend vitamins based on your condition.  

For the actual programs ( e.g. meditation) please contact me via e-mail: hello@begoniawellness.club

About my prices

The first consultation (30 minutes) is free. We discuss what you need and then decide if I can be the right expert for you. The price of my consultation is 30 EUR  / 30 minutes; after our first meeting I usually recommend a personalized package. My prices are flexible and personalized. ( Payment is easy in all currencies).

About my background

-I studied anatomy books as a child, we won an international health education competition, I already got to know Jose Silva's method. That time I started to do reiki and many other things… I loved music and dancing, so I use music therapy a lot in my practice

- I grew up in a village, collected herbs and made tea, tinctures at a young age, I have been obsessed with natural and organic food since then

-2005 I studied to be a wellness manager at the International Wellness Institute

-In 2007 I did my internship at the Biovital Health Center, I got to know wonderful naturopath doctors and then I got to know the effectiveness of many methods in more depth.

- Since 2007 I have been writing articles for Complementer Medicine and fitt.info magazines as a wellness expert

- I moved to Belgium in 2010, in 2012/2013 I completed the training of the Connective Adult Center,  Naturopath

 education program

- I got my Belgian degree in 2020 (I trained in Dutch), Nutrition Therapist (Voedingstherapeut) is the official name), I also delved into food intolerances and vitamins (I talk about my cases in my videos), and my love of baking and cooking is my “genes” (Chef Grandpa, and Mom)

- I have been studying from a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) specialist since 2013, mainly in the field of nutrition and qigong therapy

- In 2021, I attended Integrative Medicine trainings

- I am constantly learning in various functional medicine and integrated medicine (mainly from English-speaking experts)

- I am currently studying Naturopathy in French

- I did my coaching studies and practice in several places, mainly the "Participatory Leadership" method, I learned this at  the European Commission but I also use many other methods.

- I attended Mindfulness training

- I am infinitely grateful to a naturopath who has taught me the practical application of herbal therapy in the last years , as well as the bioenergetic assessment and therapy (I use this whenever I know).

- I'm also learning cognitive behavioral therapy ... (I'm sure something is missing but ask!)

- I've been working with new technologies for 15 years ... which is useful :)))

I have founded Begonia Wellness in 2019, few years ago I am operating a small practice and registered in Flanders but I work mainly online.

- What principle do you believe in?

“Clearly in prevention. If there is a serious illness, the doctor must be in control of the healing process, and I can only supplement his/her work with my professional knowledge. I have a focus on natural methods. I believe that we should be eating food that is rich in nutrients and, as much as possible, clean. If we have a choice, we should also go for local sources. It is important that as few as possible preservatives and additives enter our bodies. If we need to take supplements, they need to be clean. I really look carefully into what dietary supplements or vitamins my guests take. However, the key to success is faith. Faith in ourselves, love ourselves, and be optimistic about the world.”

- What motivates you in your work now?

“I enjoy being able to combine the diverse points of view and knowledge gained in different pieces of training and create a complex picture of them. This is because I need a wide range of knowledge in order to be able to give personalized advice that meets the guest's specific needs. I am delighted when my guest manages to realize and put into practice what we have discussed. If I only have one tiny part in this change, it adds a lot of motivation to keep learning. My goal is for more and more people to recognize the power of proper nutrition and lifestyle. I think that Western and Eastern medicine could be intertwined. The dialogue between them could be much better because they can work together really well. I also work regularly with doctors who have prescribed a treatment and I help the healing process by developing proper nutrition. There is no better way to health than conscious nutrition - even in the prevention phase.”

You can read my blog and the articles in 3 languages: 

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