As the founder of Begonia Wellness Club, I have developed services that are about maintaining health.




- Free online lectures: e.g. food intolerance, detoxification, blood sugar stabilization, autoimmune diseases, thyroid, gynecological problems, etc. I give a lecture every month, in English and Hungarian. On my Facebook page: Begonia Wellness you can find the current list.

- First free consultation: You can request a consultation by e-mail at hello@begoniawellness.club. Before the consultation, I will collect all useful information from you (eg blood test, medical background) and  I will ask you to also fill in a short questionnaire. The aim is to make this first consultation useful and concise and to be able to give you a concrete program proposal. The consultation takes 30 minutes and takes place online on Skype, Messenger, WA.

You can contact me in English, Dutch, French or Hungarian. 

- Individual consultations: I hold individual coaching on the topic of nutrition, wellness, self-knowledge/ leadership. We always focus on what is needed most. It is also sought after by those who eat healthily and are not completely well, but also by those who need other types of lifestyle support in addition to medical supervision. These consultations usually range from 30 to 60 minutes. After the first time, I usually recommend a custom package.

- One-week diet plan: This is a consultation that happens fully in writing ( via e-mail) that I developed at the request of my guests due to the great interest. The point is to review your existing diet or write a suggestion for a week based on what you like / dislike and what best fits your health, your rhythm of life.

- Detection and treatment of food intolerance: Many people are unaware that food intolerance is often the cause of bloating or minor (sometimes major) health problems. It's worth looking into and dealing with In my practice, I work with several labs and test between 150 and 500 items, respectively. This is very detailed and useful information. When intolerance is confirmed, I help my guests with an individual program, even with personalized recipes, gut flora regeneration, detoxification, and other methods. We were also able to treat autoimmune diseases, cysts, hormonal disorders, and inflammations nicely with this method. It gives me pleasure because I have had many cases where my guest cheerfully signaled that his doctor could finally reduce the medication as the lifestyle change and diet worked so nicely. These are real successes for me.

- Seasonal lifestyle programs: Each season gives you a slightly different opportunity to pay attention to eating healthier. I organize 3-week programs in which the seasonally available vegetables and fruits are placed on our table. I also plan this individually, taking into account the Chinese medical dietary recommendations (e.g. there are those who are not recommended to consume refrigerated foods in the summer because they are colder or more sensitive to them). In addition to diet, I also give lifestyle advice. Many times such a seasonal lifestyle program can sort out one's weight, but everyone benefits from such a program. This program is also loved by my returning, already completely healthy guests, because it is useful for everyone.

- Vitamin check:  Are you taking vitamins and/ or food supplements? I am offering a service to check them for you. 

 You may visit my youtube channel to know more about this service: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wbVXdEXReg&t=989s

(EN)Vitamins and food supplements- https://www.facebook.com/begoniawellness

Check out the current offers and prices on my Facebook page: Begonia Wellness.

Or contact me: hello@begoniawellness.club.

About my prices

The first conversation (30 minutes) is free. We’ll discuss what you need and then decide if I’m the right expert for you. The price of my consultation is 30 euros / 30 minutes; 60 euros / 60 minutes, but after our first meeting I usually recommend a personalized package. My prices are flexible and personalized. My best price package is the 5 occasions one, which is 5x60 minutes for 200 euros.

About my background

The idea of ​​Begonia Wellness has always been with me. Already at the age of 16, I hid an anatomy book but I was also employed in psychology. Decades ago, I had a health problem that, after 15 doctors and surgery, with the help of a 16th specialist, a naturopath, and with tremendous willpower, I  managed to solve. It's been many years ago. Since then, no matter what happened, I don't take medication and I don't have to, luckily. Then, around 2004, I began to study more seriously, in addition to my work, the natural remedies, the effects of our lifestyle and thinking. I graduated as a wellness manager in 2007, I published regularly in fitt.info and Complementary Medicine magazine. People came towards me. I also studied naturopathy. At the time, I didn’t know how much treasure my own healing journey would be. I  have never thought that what  I have learned in this process can be so valuable to others. In addition to this, I chose a husband who was even more professional in terms of a good lifestyle, which was a huge surprise to me! 11 years ago when we met, it was very easy our life in terms of lifestyle. We ate the same super-healthy things (now we do it anyway;)), he ran I preferred to swim but because I could just keep up the pace I went running with him. But he ran 20 km, climbed a mountain, and so on. We have a lot of nice experiences together and they are all related to doing sports and a healthy lifestyle. A tragedy happened to my husband a couple of years ago and we learned that our lives would no longer be the same.

I don’t want to share more about this, but when this happened, I tried to manage everything on my own while working full-time. 3 years. It is not over. We don’t even look forward to returning to our old life because we learned one thing: to live in the present. Life can end at any moment. True. But if you survive situations so many times, even when doctors say there’s no chance of it, what’s the lesson? That you don't waste a single minute. I don't waste a single minute. In addition to my work, I studied to become a nutrition therapist  (in Dutch, in Belgium) and I got my diploma. I work online as a coach and they turn to me from everywhere. More and more people find me thankfully. I already knew a lot of things before I graduated, but the coachwork is a little different. Because the point here is not just to have the knowledge, but to be able to sympathize with the other but not get lost in their problems or worry, but to be able to lift them up and help well. Not to feel sorry for the person, but to look for good solutions for him/her. My results are very nice, thank you to those who work with me. My heart and soul in it, not just my knowledge.

Currently, you can read my articles regularly on my blog and Impulsive Magazine. https://www.impulzivmagazin.hu/

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