"Your look matters- do you know what to wear?"& my way of sustainable clothing

My answer to that was: " of course", I know what matches me :) So my starting point was different... I was confident :)

When I started to look at stylists and tailor- made clothes I did that because I felt more and more that change needs to happen there. Working in my everyday job with environment and sustainable solutions, I started to become more conscious about clothes. When I was a child we waited very long to buy a nice dress or shoes and then it was a huge celebration. Today, everything is mass produced. Often, in slavery. If you look for a unique piece it costs a fortune. I remember that not that long ago, my Mom was sewing and knitting for me. Well, I definitely don't have time to do that. How about just making one small step and buying from a European small entrepreneur? Someone, who helps also with what is actually matching me. Yes, yes, I know what is matching me but what we discovered was that most colours are actually not produced in shops or mass products or not my style. Some shops do of course but how about having less clothes but completely tailor made #clothesjust4me ? I found that

BogiSzanto-Becoming you is able to offer that as well. She is not the only one but I wanted to see what she could offer. It is my investment for #sustainableclothing. Sure, I also buy second hand and give my clothes away but what about buying less, invest wisely, support European SMEs and at the same time look good? :) Well, that is my mission for 2020. I made a small step by going to a stylist who can even design my clothes. I don't need many but the right ones. I will ask her to design for me clothes I do not need to iron as I am travelling a lot with my job. Will keep you posted how that goes. In the meantime: if you feel the same way I do or just want to have clothes especially designed for you, check out what BogiSzanto-Becoming you doing.

Budapest Wellness Club will invite her in 2020 to Brussels, so contact me if you are interested to sign up to this at hello@budapestwellness.club

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