(EN)Winter program: Your magical winter Day 1 "Magical breakfasts"

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

This winter program has been put together with lots of love. I care a lot about your wellbeing and would like to give tools for you to feel good this winter. I give you some tips for your nutrition but I sometimes go beyond and share also some wellness tips. ( If you wish to read the full article and all blogs related to this program, you need to subscribe here: https://www.begoniawellness.club/programs)

We will start today with some simple and healthy breakfast and snack ideas. You can eat something preferably warm or warming nature meal for breakfast. If that's an oatmeal, you may use other than milk sometimes. It can be good to try out oat, rice, quinoa milk or other alternatives. What can be an alternative to oat or corn flakes? You will be surprised. Corn is not the best option actually. Oat is better but some people with gluten intolerance have difficulties with it. I don't have a problem with gluten but I do love trying out new tastes and not to eat the same thing everyday. If you are curious as well, go for quinoa or buckhweat or rice flakes. I love very much also chestnut flakes.

I mix this often with nuts and seeds. the walnuts, flaxseeds are of course great friends for our omega 3 level or pumkin seeds for the mineral levels but have you thought about adding a poppy seed into your breakfast meal? It tastes just amazing. Especially, if you add a bit of magic :) What is that? Some honey :) This winter I partnerred with Magic roots as they have a broad variety of natural and high quality honey available and very different types, so you will never get bored of your honey. With this program you get 10% discount on any of their products.

Add a maximum one tea spoon honey of your preference into your morning meal and never add sugar into anything. You did already so much for your health by doing this. Do you know that poppy seed has more calcium than your milk? Start adding it into your diet, you won't regret it, I promise :)

Now that you got some ideas for your morning meal or snacks, I let you discover what they are selling in your country and remember, if you need any advice from me, this program includes a full hour of consultation with me. Just remember reaching out to me at hello@begoniawellness.club. I am happy to guide you. Have a lovely day! See you tomorrow!


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