(EN)Winter program: Your magical winter Day 6 "Yes, you can eat cookies!"

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

As you know I am helping my clients to learn to live with food allergies, intolerances and sensitivies. If you have any issues, do let me know and I will help you what to change in traditional recipes, so you will be able to eat. Today I brought some ideas a bit for everyone. ( If you wish to read the full article and all blogs related to this program, you need to subscribe here: https://www.begoniawellness.club/programs)

All of them are without sugar. You may add a bit of honey on the top of the cookie when it is done and baked. This way the honey is healthy but not when you heat it up.

All of these are my own creations so I kindly ask you not to share them with others but direct them to me, so I can give them the right advice.

One idea you can use if you eat dairy is the cookie I baked in 30 minutes:

- I used goat joghurt but you can try any other. I mixed it with the berry powder ( fruit powder from Magic roots), added a bit of rice flour ( this is gluten free but you may use other type of flour) and added some pears. You may add apples or other type of fruit available. I used no sugar, no eggs. Just baked it and added some fruit powder on the top. We ate it with honey ( after it was baked). This is a healthy way to prepare a cookie :) You can experiment with cottage cheese or other type of ingredients but using a fruit powder was a game changer for me :)

If you eat eggs but no milk and sugar, you can still make a sponge cake. I used spelt flour and 2 eggs ( you just make the sponge cake in a traditional wazy but without sugar). You can add some walnuts or almonds in the pastry and also on the top. I used pears but any fruits will do. A bit of cinnamon and you won't even miss sugar. The nice thing is that once you get used to baking without sugar, you will enjoy the natural taste and you will loose weight, have much less health issues. Please do not use artificial sweeteners, if you really miss sugar, go for coconut flower sugar or my preferred option: add honey after the cookie is ready. It is still better and gradually you can reduce the amount of honey you use.

The fully gluten free cookie I made is from rice flour, rice milk, coconut oil and with some pudding powder made with rice milk. The pudding powder was from vanilla and has no additives. Just mixed it with the fruit and added that as internal layer. Some fruit and honey and you are ready to go :)

Do you want to get more tips or more specific information? Feel free to contact me at hello@begoniawellness.club

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Have a magical winter time!



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