Where are you from? Do you cook anything traditional?- Let's make it healthy

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

One of things I appreciate most in my life is the variety I discovered thanks to the open borders and Internet. Met so many people from so many countries and enjoyed so much their food!!!

We often think that traditional dishes are not healthy.

Let me show you that they are or at least can be made healthier. With small tricks;)

  • Would you like to try out if I can test whether the recipe you have from your country is healthy or can be made healthier?

  • Do you have a family recipe you want to share with the world? This is your chance!!!

Post the picture of what you made on Begonia Wellness Club facebook page and write the country & name of the food.

I will then contact you for an interview and will write about you in my blog;)

I would really love to see traditional food recipes from all over the world.

Let's make the world aware of all those fantastic opportunities!

I can tell that I have been to many countries in my life and I loved so much discovering the variety and have so many friends from all over ;), so please do not turn me down and let's show the world that there is so much more out there to make, cook, bake.

From simple to complicated, anything plays! Can be a salad, a soup or anything simple as well.

Are you interested?

Post on Begonia Wellness Club or send me an e-mail to hello@begoniawellness.club

The owner of the most liked recipe gets a free consultation at me :)


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