(EN)What do we have at home? Let's make a dessert ;) #glutenfree, #noaddedsugar

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Summer is a wonderful time of the year! You feel the sun in every fruit you pick or buy. This #sundaycake is more of a dessert. It is #easy #quick and anyone can do it. Really.

You just need some #nuts, you can use #walnuts, #almonds or any other. Peanuts I usually do not recommend as they are often full of toxins but if you buy it from a save source, you can of course use that as well.

So you can just put the grained nuts in a cup or you can bake them if you prefer.

This layer goes as first in the bottom.

Then, you put some grained #apples, you can use #cloves or #cinnamon or #vanilla or all of them :)

The next layer is a turmixed fruits, we had #mango and #apricots and #goji but you can use any other :)

On the very top I have put some #blueberries. Now that we have #freshfruits season, I would like just to waken up your #creativity! Most of the #organicfruits are safe and ful of #vitamins and #antioxidants.

You can make smoothies, eat them as fruit desserts like this one, or just eat them as a fruit salad. You may mix fruits, but do keep 30 minutes before and after eating them. It is healthy to eat them always separately from any other meals. If you have problem with milk, you can eat them with milk, cheese or if you are #vegan then do eat them with #nuts. I love to eat them just alone but I guess it is also my countryside education. I grew up in a village and even if my parents had not much, they had a garden. They planted fruit trees and by the time I grew up, we had also our own fruits. So I did not like chocolate too much but was in love with fruits. As you can see, this love is forever. Now I am planting my own plants, trees and hope that they will grow. Enjoy your Sunday, your desserts, sweet moments and invest in the future! #plantfruitstrees and #love.

For #nutritionadvice contact me www.bernadettbegonia.com or check out my videos on Youtube: www.youtube.com and type in Begonia Wellness Club. You will find videos in 4 languages: English, Dutch, French and Hungarian.

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