Wellness services tested in Malta- reflexology

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

When you are travelling for business or leisure, are you going to a spa or try out any wellness services?

As you know I am a trained wellness manager and love exploring such services and test quality.

I went to Excelsior 5 star hotel in Valetta, Malta and booked a reflexology session.

A warm welcome was already impressing me and I liked that the manager was nearby to answer any questions.

The reflexologist made me relax, she covered my eyes, and we did not speak till the end. It was a good session, I felt much better after. ( I did not know in that moment how much energy I would need to survive the days which came after, so I am really happy I took time for this).

I know the acupressure points, so when it was painful, I knew which organ in my body has an issue. At the end of the session, I asked her about what she found.

Interestingly, she could feel that I was very exhausted ( I am going through a difficult phase of my life) and she recommended some things I should drink and eat. I really liked it and agreed with what she said.

I did not reveal till the end of the session that I was also a wellness professional. I congratulated and left my evaluation.

If you have a chance to go to Malta, I definitely recommend this reflexologist but the whole place is very professional and well managed.

It was an excellent service!

I found it important that the guest needed to fill in a questionnaire before the treatment. It was collecting information about a general medical status and if the guest has any health related complaints. If they do not have a questionnaire then do take a lead and explain about your status before you allow any professional to work on you. Do study your own medical condition and ask your doctor if you are in doubt about any contraindications. Reflexology is a recognised alternative treatment and very efficient but it has some contraindications and if they do not use a questionnaire then it is your responsibility to inform the specialist.

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