Well-being individual sessions - in Budapest ( 6-7 December,2019)

Early December I will be offering well-being 1st and check-up sessions in Budapest. As I mentioned, the Budapest Wellness Club is not about the location but I obviously do work in Budapest as well.

WHO should contact me:

- If you do sports and would like to know more about your general well-being status and get some advice on methods, communication technique or vitamins. I have experience with swimmers in particular but anyone can come;

- If you are just interested in your well-being status and would like to use some tips ( diet, herbs, communication technique etc), I can give you even tips for cooking and baking;

- If you have specific questions ( e.g. looking for a specialist, have back pain, need to boost immun system, interested in natural cosmetics, aromatherapy or wellness services). If you are randomly taking vitamins or other supplements, I would also check them for you.

- If you have a medical issue, you can also come to see me but note that I am not a doctor. I can however assist you in finding one who is also into natural healing or help you to prepare the right questions to them. I always ask you to consult a doctor before taking any of my recommendations ( well, maybe if I advice you to quit smoking then you can just do it ;) but I mean, any treatments or products).

I will listen to you and listen to your needs and propose solutions from several areas based on my knowledge. I also help you to formulate the right questions and assist you in finding the right specialists for your case. I do believe in personalised service and please turn to me with trust.

For more information check the 1st session page.

The first session is free of charge and it lasts about 1 or 1,5 hours.

Feel free to contact me at: @budapestwellnessclub ( facebook page)

or e-mail:

hello@ budapestwellness.club


Languages: English, Hungarian.

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