We have nothing at home #Sundaycake

We wished for something sweet and we noticed that it was not easy to bake as doing shopping is not easy in these days. I suppose that it is the case for many, so we are not at all complaining. I am a solution- oriented person, so found some things to bake from :)

I therefore made a simple cake, using Belgian dark chocolate pudding ( its very high in cacao and #noaddedsugar). I found some frozen strawberries so I added them to the pudding. I don't use frozen vegetables or fruits a lot as I prefer to eat them fresh but sometimes you do not have another choice. This was our situation.

I have always quinoa flour at home and I mixed it with some coconut oil and oat milk.

I put it in the oven for about 20 minutes and it was all ready.

I did not add any sugar, eggs or diary.

You can very easily make this cake and you will see that the quinoa flour tastes already so good for cakes (naturally sweet) and has a lot of proteins, so you can just win by adding it to your diet!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Remember to keep your body healthy, eat well and contact me for advice on nutrition at hello@begoniawellness.club

I believe in eating, #eatwell #eattherightthings #enjoylife #innovate #lovelife # noeggs

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