The secret ingredient for a #sugarfree #glutenfree cake: walnuts :)

This week's Sunday cake is one of the easiest you have ever made!

You need just some organic walnuts and a robot mixer, so you can mill them.

Walnuts are great for your heart, your mood and low GI, it is suitable for people with diabetes and anti-inflammatory. I am recommending it also for good weight management.

The only thing with any nuts, that you need to be careful if you are allergic or intolerant but this I can help you to figure out, so do contact me if you suspect anything like that.

I love the taste of apricot and my Mom gave me some really tasty apricot jam she made based on our family recipe :) My Grandpa had diabetes and he was very careful with his diet, so it contains only natural sugar, #noaddedsugar.

If you want to eat it as a #snack and not bake it; you can just mix the #walnuts with #apricot jam. If you wish to go for baking, and #glutenfree, then put some #glutenfreeflour e.g. I used quinoa, little bit of coconut oil and then some #apples or #apricots ( not yet season but it will come ) on the top and there you go :)

For those who need a bit more, you can add a chocolate on the top ( melted one). I use and recommend chocolate only over 70-80% cacao, so try with that.

I am sharing often what make or bake but these are just to inspire you. We eat everything at home but I post most of the time food which is also suitable for #vegans # vegetarians or people with known #allergies e.g #gluten.

I do not recommend anyone to follow any extreme diet and please do consult me if you start any special diet. Let's check what your body really needs and if you start eating #vegan or follow any #specialdiet including the popular ones #keto or #paleo, please make sure you see a nutritionist!!!I am also certified to help you.

There is no one diet fits all and there is no need to take things out of your diet which you are not allergic or intolerant to e.g. gluten. Those who are looking for not the fashionable trends but professional support and have a diet which suits them best,

I am available at hello@

Eating is great, your diet should be fun and enjoyable even if you need to be careful with certain things. My philosophy is that we find a good way, the one which works for you!

Have a lovely Sunday!

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