`Tejbegríz` / Semolina pudding differently ;)

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Most of you probably have eaten semolina pudding. In Hungary it is a typical food which is loved especially by children. It is usually semolina cooked in milk. You can then put on the top some cacao or cinnamon :)

I took a challenge to show you a Sunday cake/ dessert for every week & offer you healthy, tasty, different options for a good food.

One myth is about healthy food is that it is all about salads and it is expensive or complicated.

First of all, this dessert is something which literally anyone can make. You pour semolina in the milk ( which you are boiling on low fire) and stir it :)

Semolina is made from durum wheat. It is high in fiber, B vitamins.

Today I mixed semolina with millet.

You can also cook only millet or only semolina. I love millet as it is even higher in protein. I do recommend it highly to vegans especially to put it into their diets!

I am not against eating milk or dairy products time to time ( if you are not allergic or have no lactose intolerance ) but I must say, milk is not that healthy after all. There are scientists who say we do not need cow milk at all.

The only thing is sure, you need to watch what you combine milk or dairy products with. Especially the combination of carbohydrates with animal protein ( milk or meat) is not that good idea. It is too heavy for our digestion system.

It is often better to stay with vegan milk types ( rice, oat, black rice, buckwheat quinoa milk). Today I used oat milk and it worked well.

On the top, I added some dried super fruits such as goji, white berries, cranberries. I used bourbon vanilla ( fresh) and cinnamon for giving some taste to it.

If you are very much missing the sweet taste, use stevia or coconut flower sugar.

For the coconut flower sugar, you may want to do more research. It is higher in minerals and inulin and lower in glycemic index but it is still a sugar, so use it moderately ( if you absolutely need to).

Have a great Sunday tomorrow!

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