Szilvásgombóc/ Plum balls- "To your health"

We are living days of uncertainty and many of us just stuck at home. Sweet home. :) Now it is even Sunday! So let's celebrate it with a cake.

We often spend this day with our families and eat together. When I moved far from my parents this day was the most difficult. To accept that we won't spend our Sundays together. Only rarely.... Maybe the big holidays. Even those, not always. Now many of you go through similar feelings, first time in your lives.

So I thought, it would be nice to make a #Sundaycake, a dessert which I have not made for a long long time but it reminds me to my parents. For many of us it is getting clear that we won't see our families so easily, even after this crisis. One thing I learnt from my family was that when you make a food with love, it has a lot of good energies. You can think of the person you love and share the experience at least virtually or in your hearts.

My Grandpa was a chef and he died when I was six. He stayed with us, in our hearts. My Mother learnt some recipes from him ( she became also a chef) and when we cook or bake his recipes, we always think of him.

Plum ball = Szilvásgombóc, is a typical dessert in Hungary and you don't need many things for it. It is good to have plums but you can make them with dried plums or jam as well.

Usually it is with potatoes, flour and some fat. I have therefore made it healthy and with potatoes, spelt flour and coconut oil.

You just mix them, put the balls in a boiling water and then all ready. Of course there are always some small tips to give but I have chosen this dessert for you for this Sunday to show that you can make something very #simple.

It takes some time to cook the potatoes and make the balls but you don't need a lot of ingredients and it is very filling.

I used sesame seeds and coconut to cover the balls but the traditional way would be to use bread crumbs.

I have always loved cooking and baking at home, so nothing new.

This period may bring many of you to your kitchens. Maybe even first time. That's definitely a good sign;)

I would like to encourage all of you to use this period to rediscover family recipes, trust your creativity to make healthy food and explore new tastes.

It takes time to cook but some things do not take that much and it can relax you, give you confidence and also helps you the feeling that you have completed something. So if you do cook or bake, remember to tell: Congratulations to yourself.

Maybe some small extra to share: We always sit at the table all together ( even if the meal is a 15 minutes one) and we always thank at the end.

Then, in response the chef ( whoever cooked that day) in the family says: "To your health!" It is a very nice tradition and I believe that in these times, we should definitely practice this.

" To your health"

Happy Sunday!

Should you need any advice on nutrition or just some tips, or more precise information about this dessert, feel free to reach me out at hello@

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