Summertime nutrition program- register by 3rd July

Food, our nutrition is our main source of energy. You have probably noticed that summer gives us different vibes, nature is spoiling us with fresh fruits and vegetables.

In every season I will be offering nutrition programs, which is a short program ( 1-2 or 3 weeks, in total max 21 days) to set you into the right direction.

Who should participate?

Anyone who is ready to invest into switching to a healthier summer diet.

If you need a small or big change or you are already eating healthy but would benefit from a #certifiednutritionist #advice, you can reach out to me.

We look at together what you wish to achieve and then plan together what is realistic for you.

It is not a fasting! but in case of chronic health issues, please discuss the plan we put together with your doctor!

What is the program?

It is a journey of maximum 21 days. You can commit to 1-2 weeks as well, most importantly, you need to think positively and that it will work for you.

Registration will be open till 3rd July!!!

The first days ( 4-5 July), you will get a guidance from me to put together a plan which will include in a holistic way what you may consider when you work on your own summerdiet. We will look at not only what you eat but other aspects: where you get ingredients from, what other habits you will watch, work on. A-Z we go through and plan. This orientation consultation with me will be by e-mail and or we can call each other.

You will start following your plan around 6-7th July ( I will give you more details about this).

On 11th July ( Saturday) I offer a possibility to set up another fist check consultation with me. This is good to have feedback, readjustments of the plan. The first days are really critical, so feel free to reach other with any questions.

On 18th July ( Saturday) we have a final consultation. We will draw conclusions together what worked and what did not and set you in a mood to continue your plan.

How to register?

Send me an e-mail to hello@ or just contact me on Messenger ( Bernadett Begonia). Please register by 3rd July!

How will we work together?

So the very first step, contact me at

If you are interested in my short video or and future ones, subcribe to my channel:

I will be organising in every season a #seasonalnutrition switch program. Each of them have the same structure but we will reflect on the seasonal needs& your individual needs and targets. You can already register to them!

The dates of the next programs:

Autumn program: registration till 25 September, start on 26th September,2020!

Winter program: registration till 7th January, starts on 8th January, 2021!

Spring program: registration till 25th March, starts on 26th March, 2021!

Summer program: registration till 19th June, starts on 20th June, 2021!

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