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Updated: Dec 19, 2020

We entered the harvest period of our lovely spring fruit: strawberries :)

It is now a time that you can start eating more and more fruits, even in natural status. The weather is supporting us more and more so we do not need to eat warm food all the time. Some people like me have issues with cold, so I always need to eat things at least on room temperature. If you have often cold hands and feet and sentitive to cold, I definitely recommend you not eating any frozen products. You can,however,eat when it is hot outside, cold salads and fruits. Ice cream is really not the best option, it is full of sugar and too cold usually. I rather suggest making your own smoothies:) A friend of mine asked me to share some of my recipes, so I will do that soon.

This Sunday was about making stawberries with gelatin. Gelatin is not vegan, so not suitable for those who don't eat animal products. It is, however, healthy! It is almost 100% protein and rich in vitamins and minerals. If you have heard of collagen, you may want to know that gelatin is a cooked collagen.

The advantage of fruits that they are naturally sweet, so I don't use any extra sweetener or sugar. Strawberries are great for your heart and also full of vitamins. It is even suitable ( of course in low quantity for people with diabetes) as it is beneficial for blood sugar control!

I mixed it with fresh apples with cinnamon and included a bit of acai as well.

You will definitely enjoy this Sunday sweet ;)

Did you read something new and interesting about the benefits of some of the food?

I am a starter nutritionist and if you are thinking to visit one, I would be happy to assist you in building up a healthier diet for you. Contact me if you are ready for this wonderful adventure!

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