Story of my bag -"BogiSzanto Becoming you" designed for me

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Men say that women are crazy about their bags. Well, I am not one of those ladies. I don't like to do shopping. I also like combination of practical and elegant. So not that easy to find. I usually just picked a bag I was fine with but not really crazy about it or love it.. That's just for the record and past feelings.

One day, I was not particularly looking for a bag but I followed "BogiSzanto- Becoming you" page and suddenly I saw a photo of a bag passing by on social media which I really liked.

I contacted BOGI; we studied in he same university and later she was my make-up artist for our wedding, so I knew her but did not know about her bags. This lady is full of surprises!

I asked her: " Did I see well that you design bags? Is it something I could ask you to do for me?" She told me that it was all possible but I need to say what I want: colour, size etc. I was a bit worried about the price: it was all affordable and I supported a European female entrepreneur who deserves all credits for her work. So I felt really good about investing in it. Now I just had to think about the " bag of my dreams".

First I thought of a bag which would match everything - maybe a black one? But after looking at BOGI's silver bag, I thought that a golden colour would match me, it is elegant and goes with everything.

I loved the round shape ( so feminine and special) I saw she used with one of her bags, so we went for that. I told her that I needed the biggest possible bag. She checked for me what was still OK - so as she said " it is you carrying the bag and not the bag should carry you" Thanks BOGI, this was a great advice and so happy I got the best fit!

I carry in my bag my water bottle, often my lunch and even my swimming set and all kinds of cremes and make up. I like to have many pockets to organise all the keys, papers, phone, cards.

I also told her that I love having a small bag inside which we could attach to the big, so I can have even more order in it :) Yes I know, I am a bit maniac about keeping order in my bag.

Well, the result was just fantastic! I love my bag.

Would you like to have a bag designed for you by BogiSzanto-Becoming you?

Would you like to give a gift card to someone you love and let her experience how it is to have a #bagdesignedjust4you?

For info, knowing more about my experience, please contact me at

hello@ and I will connect you with Bogi. You can contact me in English, Hungarian, Italian, French or Dutch. The bag can be delivered to you.

Budapest Wellness Club will welcome her in 2020 in Brussels. Please contact me if you are interested so we can find a date for all of you.

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