Start the spring in the right spirit! - detox program

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Spring is about re-birth, new energies, new life.

If you have been sitting with a need for a change for some time, why don't we try to make it real? How about preparing your mind and body for a fresh start?

The main theme for this spring is: CONSCIOUS COURAGE, get the life you want

My program lasts 5 weeks:

You will get each Monday a task by e-mail which you will use during a week to facilitate the right change in your life. It will be 5 weeks, so in total 5 tasks.

  • 9 March: "Conversations within": what do you say to yourself? What do you feed yourself with?

  • 16 March: "Others": how do you relate to others?

  • 23 March: "Targets": How to set realistic objectives ?

  • 30 March: "Courage": How do you deal with difficult, crisis situations?

  • 6 April: "Conscious": How do you lead your life and make decisions?

On Mondays from 19h to 21h I block some time for the group, so you can contact me with your questions.

You will work independently and the program is free. If you wish to give a gift to me, you can of course contact me

Please register here:

If you would like to have an individual consultation with me, that will be also possible but on appointment.

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