Spring cleaning: it is time to let things go so new can 'fly' in

This period is great for a spring detox. It is not only a great period for cleaning your body but it works also your mind and your environment. Have you ever experienced the uplifting feeling of selling or giving away something you loved once but did not need anymore? Have you experienced the process in yourself from ' I want it' to a ' maybe someone could make a better use of it'? I am not encouraging all of you to become San Francesco di Assisi and give all you have away. I am never for the extremes...

How about just looking at things differently.

I loved the process as child when I gave away my clothes ( I still do). I also enjoyed getting something from others. Things which they loved once but they did not need anymore. They carried good energies.

This spring detox is for me about books.

Books we loved once. We read the books and we would like to offer them to others. Interestingly, I started to look at our bookshelves few weeks ago and was thinking of having no space. No space for new books. I love books but it felt like I won't be able to get any new books soon.

Then I started to check what we got.

Some books I keep as I would like to offer them for friends or clients to read.

Others, I would like to re-read.

Many books, I just felt, I would like to offer to others.

Today, after posting many books last Friday, I proudly say that I have found an owner for five books already. The new owners were nice and happy with their books and I am sure these books landed in good hands and 'eyes':)

The flow of things is a big rule in the world. If you wish to attract something new, you need to create space. If something was nice for you but ready to serve someone else, allow this object to find a new owner.

Life is about energy. The flow of energy. The joy of giving is better than stagnation or keeping things you do not need anymore. `

Think about it: Do you have something which you wish to offer to others and you do not need anymore?

It may be not easy to do this if it is your first time. Try and see.

Find out what works for you :)

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