Slow down, centre, trust & love

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Few days ago I started my first ever spring detox program. I am offering to those who feel that they need to renew something in their life, a structure. When I decided to put this online I did not have a full design in me. Then I was sitting and waiting with a cup of tea to an old Austrian friend in Eisenstadt in a cafe, all suddenly came together in my mind.The whole structure was designed in two hours. I needed to calm down and focus on the harmony I wish to bring with my program. I got a chance from life and I can not ignore that I have this knowledge.It would be irresponsible. So I do take my role.

Two years ago I got a great chance living through a huge crisis. I won't give details of it but it was definitely showing me a lot.

The message was first about slowing down.

I thought I was leading my life quite consciously but in fact I followed much what I believed was expected from me. I thought that by working harder and harder and pushing my own limits I will be more appreciated or achieve more. Then a trauma came and showed me how it is that you just see life slowing down. You just see how important human life is. How important love is. How alone we are in this. At the same time, I had few support. I found energy in talking to people who cared about me. I gave up expectations about some people. I learnt to forgive, truly from my heart. The only feeling you have in those moments is that you want to keep the person you love, alive. In that moment you realise that you do your part but that person needs to find his/ her way. It is like giving birth. The baby needs to come to this world. We need to see that we are able to control many things but not everything. You need to make right choices and do the job.

I learnt to value honesty, guidance and pray. We are all energy. Your thoughts do manifest and shape your reality.

It is time to feel what is important. It is a strong value structure that you need to carry. You need to self-love ( you do that also also for the others), learn to be in the present, slow down and centre. It does not mean you don't do your job. You do your job even better actually. Your mind is focused on what matters, what truly matters.

I am still practising but I do now qi-gong every morning ( 5-10 minutes) and it really helps. Your body and mind helps you to be in the right place and the right time. In order to hear your soul, you sometimes need to listen. Listen to where you want to be, why you came for to this earth and who is accompanying you in this journey. I know that I am heading towards another crisis but I trust, I know that the world needs me and I keep on smiling. Because I am alive. I remember that so many people in the last two years told me:" you are so positive and smiling all the time, you must have a very easy life". Well, I did not want to disappoint them but when they started to get some bits and pieces of my life their respect grew.... and suddenly they started to see their lives with more joy.

We are here to appreciate our lives, we don't know how long it lasts, we have our duty however to notice where our energies are needed.

I will wait for the feedback about my spring detox program and live according to my principles. That can never be taken away.

Even in this difficult moment worldwide, we make a choice if we manage to do our duties and to see life as full of beauty or to fall down in fear. There is no good or bad ways, you go through your own re-birth. We are just there for each other and hyper-connected ;) So wherever you are, whatever you do, it matters! #yourchoicematters!

Allow yourself to be a caring person: Slow down, centre, trust & love!

Happy spring time to all of you!

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