Simple pie and my way of helping: becoming a nutritionist

Yesterday evening I made a quick pie with apples and dark chocolate. We usually have oat meal on the mornings but now we could eat this, as #Sundaycake.

We have not done shopping for some days, so we had some leftover apples and dark chocolate only ;) The pastry was from whole wheat and baked on coconut oil.

I still can not make up my mind about coconut oil. Some experts say that it is good, some say it is not. I don't use it all the time, baking with it seems to be often a good idea ( to replace butter). Most fat is changing nature ( even olive oil) when you heat it up. It seems that coconut oil remains healthy. One thing is sure, when I use it, my hands are very happy ;) They get soft and hydrated as well. ;) Sweet things also do not need sugar if you use this type of oil. It is supposed to aid people with cholesterol issues and helps to burn fat, so you may want to give it a try. It is just very tasty and for baking I find it a good alternative to butter . I use much less of it and it tastes good. Do go for an extra virgin and high quality one.

The pie had some apples ( organic ones ). I can notice when I buy organic apples here in Belgium as then they start to go rotten much faster. Still, they also taste better and you know that they are much less toxins inside of them. I like that they are not perfect, they have some small errors on their skins but they taste so real to me! I will never forget when my professional swimmer friend from Mexico visited my parents' house in Hungary and she was amazed by the fruits in their garden. They are all organic and that is what I was used to. When you know how something tastes without pesticides, you just can not go for something which looks good but tastes awful. So I am happy that my pie had proper apples ;)

I mentioned to some of you that I cured myself out of my cinnamon allergy ( so happy about it!!!) so I am eating that very often now. It is nice to put cinnamon or clove or vanilla on your apples.

Since I use #nosugar, I have added some dried cherries ( organic and with no added sugar) to the pie and a nice Belgian chocolate ( 80% cacao).

Some people ask me why I am sharing these desserts. I was used to eat healthy always and in Belgium I figured that baking at home is not that much of a practice anymore. At least not as much as it could be. I went to our local bakery and the cakes were full of sugar. I saw our friends and family with all kinds of health issues and they are often told at bakeries/ shops that there is no sugar free, lactose-free etc option.

So I thought I may be able to help with these posts.

I have always loved cooking and baking for myself and then for my family. I had a completely healthy weight even when I was vegan. It is really not about not eating. It is about making the right choices. It is also not about having a lot of time. You may make a simple healthy dessert or meal with less time than if you are queuing for it in a bakery. It is also nice to make something, you feel that you have produced something. You also make people you love happy. I wish to help those who would like to be able to eat even if they have some food intolerance or health issues.

If you come to see me ( online consultations are possible), we will work out something which works for you and you won't be starving but gain back your energy level.

For those who wish to have personalised advice, I am available at

Happy Sunday to all!

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