Saving bananas :) - Sunday cake idea

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Those who follow my adventures in the kitchen know that I bake every Sunday a cookie/ cake. My life can collapse ( as it seemed this week), I do keep this routine. It give me so much joy and helps me to relax. When I am baking I am in a "flow". One of my " battery charging stations".:) What is yours?

We have always fruits at home, so we had some bananas. They started go brownish so really needed to be saved... I found back a flour I bought to try out few months ago ( in a nearby bio shop in Belgium).

I have never really baked banana bread, so I thought this would be a lot of fun! :)

Well, it would not have been me if I do not change the recipe ;)

In the package I had spelt flour and everything ready. I was supposed to add eggs, joghurt,olive oil and bananas.

I took the bananas and mashed them, I mixed them slowly with the content of the package. I then added rice milk and

some goji berries and olive oil.

Banana, it is true has sugar but sugar is not bad! We need sugar from fruits and other sources. Only natural ones and not extra sugar ( we do not even have anything like that at home as never use it). Once you start living without sugar ( the white thing I am talking about), your energy level will be so much better!

I have noticed when I moved to Belgium that people eat so much sugar here and it is very very difficult to avoid it. The bakery has very few options with only fresh fruits ( not with added sugar). It was shocking and this is one of the reasons why I started to bake more and more. It is a joy for me but there is also no other option. So let's discover more and more healthy cakes ;)

Unfortunately, the original package for this cake had sugar cane inside, so do check if you use this brand. Otherwise it is an easy cake to make, so happy to recommend it ;)

About the extra goji berries:

Many of you may know this fantastic fruit which is full of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. It boosts the immune system, contributes to a better energy level. supports the good management of blood sugar, and cholesterol.

Oh, for those from Hungary: yes, I served it on a handmade tablecloth from there! It is so beautiful and I am still proud of my roots and the Kalocsa-style embroidery. My Mom gave it to us and I still love it. She can not be with us on Sundays ( in Hungary every Sunday we spend together the lunch time with our close family) but this way I have her with us.

Our life is full of new discoveries but also traditions. I do love to combine these ;)

I hope you had a lovely Sunday and enjoyed your cake!

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