Pumpkin cake ? "Happy Sunday, My Pumpkin! :)"

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

The autumn, winter fruits and vegetables are still there but we feel the spring is on its way. One of my favourite meal in this period is pumpkin. I remember as child we had them in our garden and then kept them in our cellar and ate them during winter. This winter squash is not only great to have as soup or just baked in the over but you can make a tasty cake of it as well.

Curious to know more?

I used walnuts and pumpkin for this cake as main ingredients.

Pumpkin: it is good for your skin, eyes as it is rich in vitamin A, lutein, minerals such as copper, potassium,iron. It has vitamin B, C as well. The colour of pumpkin is for me like sunshine in the winter time. :)

If you wish to eat it just baked in the oven, just cut it and put it into the oven. It takes about an hour to have it ready and it tastes really good.

If you could resist eating all the baked pumpkins, then you can use them for the creme of your cake :)

To the creme I put the pumpkin, walnuts, raisins and goji (these make the creme also sweeter), eggs and cinnamon, freshly pressed lemon. If you wish to make it sweeter use stevia, honey or coconut flower sugar.

The cake was baked on coconut oil and I put into it only millet flour, walnuts, eggs.

I often bake without eggs but this time I used eggs. Still, this cake is dairy-free and has not that much sugar.

I would like to thank my Mother for giving me so many walnuts from their tree, so I can bake them.

Enjoy this Sunday cake as pumpkin is not for Halloween only ;), it is nutritious and available fruit/ vegetable. Enjoy!

If you wish to know more about healthy eating, you are planning to change your diet, do contact me.

These are just examples of things you may be able to do by yourself. I believe in eating what is good for our body. Even if you have allergies or problems, we will manage to find you something to eat!!! That's my mission;) So feel free to try me.

"Happy Sunday, My Pumpkin!"- said my husband while eating this healthy cake :)

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