Praising the soup :)- try and you will fall in love

I remember as child not being a big eater. Still, soup was a part of every lunch and I was asked to just to try it. At the end, it was a good idea! I became a soup-lover for life :) When I moved countries I noticed that not everywhere people start their lunch with a soup and that Hungary is actually very rich in this healthy meal. So many types of soup to choose from!

So what to cook on 15/3? ;)

You may know goulash but there are many more!

We often eat just some soup for lunch but usually it is a full of vegetables! Even if you are not a big cook, you can try.

We made a soup with sweet potatoes. They are sweet but that is misleading. They are actually better for you as they have a lower glycemic index ( 44) than the regular potatoes ( 80). This makes it very interesting for those who have diabetes. Watch out to steam or cook but not bake them ( then the GI doubles).

I put some carrots, green peas and of course onion and garlic. I did not use any oil but you could of course add some olive oil if you wish.

I could find some fresh curcuma/ turmeric, so could enrich the taste with that. I added some parsley, black pepper as well. I don't use a lot of salt but in this case I added some Himalayan salt.

You probably know a lot about carrots ( good for the eyes, have vit A) or green peas have protein, or the onion/ garlic being excellent immune boosters.

Have you heard of curcuma/turmeric?

This amber-coloured spice looks like ginger when you buy it fresh. When you peel it, you will find an amber skin and it definitely colours your hand ;) , so did it with mine.

You may find as food supplement but it is contraindicated in many conditions, especially if you take medication, so do check it with your doctor before you buy those.

Eating it in small portion as a spice is beneficial to everyone. Researchers say that turmeric together with black pepper work best if you wish to reach the anti-inflammatory benefits.

You can read a lot about how it works for regulating your blood circulation, blood sugar, helps in rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and have positive effects in depression. ( check for more details: 12 Scientific Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin) .

Are you using a salt?

Those little things like salt and spices make a huge difference to your meal. The choice you make for a salt is quite important. Himalayan salt has more than 80 different minerals and elements. It is for another blog to explain why minerals are essential to our body but

In the meantime, you think of the tale where the king of the daughter said: " I love you father as salt" and what happened when salt disappeared from the kingdom.

Appreciate the small and simple things, feed your body with love and stay healthy!

Enjoy the week!

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