Pogi from pumkinseeds? Green focaccia :)

Do you like salty desserts? Have you heard of 'focaccia' or pogi? :) This is a special one as it is made from #pumkinseedflour. I love the taste of pumpkinseed and you may want to know that this flour is very special. It is #glutenfree # alcalising and #pumpkinseed is excellent for the heart. The colour inside remains green after baking but it is very tasty :)

You can make this pogi as you would prepare any other. You can also make a mix of flours, if you wish to. It is completely #sugarfree and #natural. It contains a lot of magnesium, iron, vitamin B types, E and it is a great source of protein. I often see that some fashionable diets make people exclude all flours from their diet as they think that all flours are full of #carbs. First of all #carbs are necessary for the well-functioning of your body. You should not exclude all of them and you can definitely eat #flours. You just need to go for protein and fiber rich flours such as this one or millet, quinoa.

I know it is often tempting to listen to friends and advertisements but do believe me that #nutrition is a #science as well. It is better to see a #nutritionist, to make sure that you are on the right track. Especially, if you follow or plan to follow a special diet. I am happy to assist you in this. You can know more about me at www.bernadettbegonia.com

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