Nutrition: Spring food- seasonal advice

Do you eat the same things throughout the year? Have you noticed any differences in what you wish for in the different seasons?

I am using in my personal nutrition advice the combination of modern studies ( food therapy,studying in Belgium) but very much also traditional medicine ( e.g. Chinese medicine and Ayurveda).

According to traditional medicine, food is a first level healer. There are few general rules I would like to share with you in every season.

Spring time is about rebirth, detoxyfication and the body ogans we should be focussing on: the liver and the gall bladder. You may have eaten only cooked or fatty things during winter.

When spring arrives, you are recommended to work with the rebirth you experience also in the nature. Eat plenty of green things. During winter I usually not advice much cold food such as salads as they are cooling nature but in spring you can start adding them more and more to your diet. Some of you may thing, I thought that eating a salad is healthy at any season. Salad ( lettuce) is itself of course healthy but it might weaken your energies if you eat a lot of cold things in winter time, so better to steam or cook or eat winter salads. From spring to autumn, I do recommend more an more raw fruits and vegetables.

Also, spring resonates with sweet and pungent flavours, so feel free to take honey, bee pollen or any sweet fruits and vegetables into your diet. You can also start having basils, garlic, onion and mint. It is always adviced to move together with the nature and eat locally produced, seasonal fruits and vegetables. In spring our gardens offer yet limited sources but we must have still some root vegetables: beets, carrots, parsnip. You can go for sweet potatoes ( we love them) and of course, make or buy sprouts. I often use alfalfa green sprouts and we have recently grown some broccoli :)

Eat plenty of whole grains, I often recommend brown rice, quinoa or whole wheet.

In this period it is important to eat still warming food but rather steam or cook only lightly.

Reduce the meat, eggs and milk from the diet is a good idea for this period, even if you are not fasting for Easter. The body and mind in this period needs more clarity and if you still wish or need to eat meat, go for fish or poultry ( lightly cooked, non-fatty ways).

Your body needs high quality fat, oils, so include them in your diet. The good fat is olive oil ( cold), avocado, flax seed oil etc.

Would you like to know more or get a personalised advice?

You need to know that I am also working with a much more complex analysis and we look at together what your body needs exactly to operate well.

I do not work with products ( in particular, I am not selling or supporting any brand which is promising you fast weight loss).

I believe in healthy diet and that is with no extremes. I would like to assist you in the process of redefining your diet, find out what gives you energy, how to manage your own nutrition to reach optimal health.

If this is something you wish to try out, contact me: hello@

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