No cake this Sunday :) but fruits!!!!

I try to make a habit and post for you by every Saturday evening something which can inspire you for a Sunday cake. This week I posted about the opportunity to share traditional dishes, so if you have a a cake to publish, feel free to share it on

Today I will just bring you something very simple ;) to demonstrate that salads are also in the game!

We had some pineapple and pears at home. I mixed them together and put some cinnamon on them.

That's all! ;)

Pineapples: You probably know that they are full of vitamins and antioxidants. If you eat them know that they are very helpful with digestion. They contain bromelain which is in the group of digestive enzymes and helps to digest meat. I don't eat a lot of meat but I just love it and it does help when your pancreas is a bit weak as well. Apparently, bromelain also helps in case there is inflammation in your body.

Pear: They are also full of vitamins and in particular niacin and potassium.

It is very important that today most of us lack vitamins and minerals so do eat as much as vegetables and fruits you can.

When fruits from far away arrive know that probably they had to put chemicals on them or they were not yet ready ( see green bananas in the shops) but if you take a fruit which is peeled then it should be still all right. Do take bio/ organic fruits whenever you can.

You can also use other fruits but in winter time make sure to put some spices on them. They help you to keep you warm even if you eat something cold.

Do eat fruits alone!!! Do not mix them with milk or anything like that. The best to eat fresh fruits 20-30 minutes apart from your meals.

Cinnamon: I am so happy that I am finally not allergic to this wonderful spice! It took me a long time to fix my body and not to be allergic to anything. Do you want to know my secret? Happy to share if you contact me on

Cinnamon was a gift for kings in ancient Egypt which shows in itself how valuable spice it is. It helps to reduce risk of diabetes, excellent in the condition of insuline resistence and prevents potential heart disease by lowering the LDL cholesterol.

You can see that food can be such a simple way to keep a good health. We have always eaten very healthy but we also enjoy eating!!! So if you contact me for advice prepare to discover a lot of new tastes and I promise, you won't be starving. ;)

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