My first and last cake: Rhubarb # glutenfree #sugarfree #best

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Time for a little good-bye: I have been posting #healthycakes since September, 2019 on this blog and now it is time to switch to #summerdiet which won't include anything baked. I will of course eat many fruits :) If you are interested to follow my #summerdietprogram, feel free to contact me at for details. We will start on 1st July with a preparatory week and then the diet will be for a 2 weeks period.

Please keep on visiting my #blog as I will be publishing a lot of interesting things but not cakes ;)

Going back to this #tastycake I made ;) it was a my very first #self-made #rhubarb #cake. You will be surprised how easy it is! I have received some #rhubarb via #efarms and I needed to do something with it. What can I do? A cake ;) I put some #wallnuts mixed with a little #ghee and #almondmilk and then #rhubarb on on the top with some #darkchocolate 80% chocolate. #Nosugar, only what is #naturalsugar. I love the taste of #rhubarb and matched really well the #chocolate ;) but for some may it be a little #sour. If you are not used to eating #noaddedsugar, do get used to it gradually.

Rhubarb shall be better eaten during #season, usually #earlysummer and be careful and eat never the leaves! ( poisonous), just the cleaned #pieces may be eaten (I even peel them).

It is a very healthy #vegetable which may be seen as #fruit. In any case, it is #taskty and full of vitamin K, C and minerals. It is great for people who wish to keep their heart happy and healthy as it is low in cholesterol but be careful if you have a history with kidney diseases.

Enjoy the #summer!

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