My advent cake for first Sunday

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

When I was a child I could not wait to have a Sunday. Sundays were special, my Mom baked a cake. Always. I did not eat candies or anything sweet during the week but Sunday. Sometimes the cake was salty but there was always something nice. In Hungary there are so many pastries and cakes with healthy ingredients. Last Sunday I lit the first candle for advent and I baked. :) Just like family tradition.

I love baking and I had some walnuts. I baked a very simple sponge cake from eggs, walnuts and quinoa flour. I added just some vanilla and no sugar.

You need just 6 eggs, walnuts and flour.

Very simple.

I have added also some Tibetan mix from raisins and goji and other superfood. Plus, I put some goji powder ( from Energy brand).

On the top of the cake you can see the berries from the Tibetan mix.

I have added a bit from my Mom's home made berry jam and that was the final touch.

The preparation of this cake is 40 minutes. ( 10 min +30 min baking).

It was told to be tasty:)

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