Mindfulness and the power of our mind

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Have you heard of mind control? Mindfulness? Or any other method which helps you to observe yourself, just 'be' or talks about programming your mind?

In my life, healers and methods circulated around. They found me. Strangely, and to the biggest surprise of my family, of those around me. I somehow had this interest.

What is the chance that a 15 year-old gives a book to her Father to read ( he does not really read a book and seriously ill) and says that he could read it and think that all will be fine? He was about to go to a hospital and when he came out, he had good news. They did not even have to do the intervention as he recovered in the meantime.

He read the book and thanked me.Yes, that was my Dad and me.

The book was from Louise Hay: You can heal your life. I have completely forgotten about this. It was time to remember.....

I remember in my childhood reading books and praying. By myself, from myself. Not because I had to. I felt connected. Connected with the Universe, with the Nature.

Jose Silva's method is about mind-control and I saw his book very young ( he wrote them in the 70s). The only thing I really agreed with is that what we think is very powerful!!!

Have you ever observed your toughts? Have you noticed how many times you think of the future or the past?

I came accross mindfulness in 2012 and I thought that it was an interesting method: it is about "BEING IN A HERE AND NOW".

Just the fact that you are in the MOMENT and enjoying it ( whatever you have) is pretty amazing.

Multitasking makes us actually inefficient ( you can see statistics about this).

Now that the world has stopped for few days, I just would like to ask all of you to OBSERVE.

Notice the temperature, the people who you love, their beauty and kindness, the nature, the air, the spring, the taste of your food, the moments you spend with your family, in your home. Try to focus on how important what you HAVE &APPRECIATE ALL WHAT YOU CAN DO.

Enjoy if you can talk to someone ( truly dedicate your energies to that person),touch objects, walk, smell.

Be in the present. Just be.

It is really a huge lesson for us what we are living in. In this specific moment. We are not immortal but actually every moment is there for us to cherish.

Every moment is unique. Till our last moment.

Thank in this life for everything. Regularly. Notice all you got.

It does not matter when this moment arrives, what matters how you live now. In your heart, do you carry still some anger, fear, worry? Don't fight it or judge, just accept it. It is not necessary to put all your anger, fear, worry on social media. You can, but do you feel better? Is it helping others? You may decide to deal with it. It is of course up to you. I am just asking you to stop, observe and then act. Slow down. Do things at your own space.

Maybe it is a moment to think a bit, what is the difference you want to bring to this world?

It is NOW. YOUR ENERGIES will determine our present and our future.

There is always a chance for change. Living in the present is a choice for LIFE!

If you think that my knowledge can be helpful to you or someone you know, feel free to contact me at hello@begoniawellness.club

I am soon a #mindfulnesscoach and happy to support whoever needs me

I am sharing with you one of our favourite song from my cousin ( English version) : Live before you die

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