Cooking healthy & tasty

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

I grew up with a mother who is a chef and learnt a lot from my grandfather. My grandfather was from Transylvania and healed a lot of things by using food and tea. We of course went a doctor when we had to and you should do the same. However, we always knew that we have TO DO OUR PART. If you have diabetes or you have food allergies, your life is all about food. Often. You need to learn a lot about what you can eat and when. I fortunately do not have anymore any allergies but I had been through a lot. I can tell you that FOOD IS A MEDICINE. It really matters what we eat and I would like to help you to cook and bake healthy. Do not starve, do not punish yourself. Enjoy food but learn much more about what you can actually eat. Discover how many things are good for your body. They give energy, detoxify and work on your mood. I am not talking about coffee. Actually, I do not drink it. I drink a maca-cacao on the mornings and green tea. Those are so much more tastier for me. Have you ever tried them? Discover the variety of food we have out there. Believe me you will not be disappointed. Last Sunday I had a guest who is allergic to gluten and I made this cake. It was tasty. #budapestwellnessclub #healthyliving #healthyfood

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