(EN)Kuglof in pirate style :)

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

As promised you, my next Sunday cake will be a 'kuglof'. It was more of a sponge cake style :) It was completely dairy and sugarfree. However, if you add some rum fo the 'pirate style' on the top, you need to calculate with the sugar content of the alcohol ;), which is still less than if the cake would have also sugar inside. But still.

I used stevia this time, so it gave some naturally sweet taste. Stevia is an often recommended sugar substitute for those with insulin resistance or diabetes. You better know that even if you have no problem with sugar, it is always better to be moderate with an intake and choose for the healthier options.

It was with quinoa and spelt flour but you can choose for a fully quinoa version and then it is #glutenfree.

I used some vegan milk ( it was oat milk but you can also go for rice, buckwheat or quinoa milk).

I love to bake with coconut oil as it has a natural sweet taste and remains healthy when you heat it up. Most oils change nature and become unhealthy on high temperature. Ghee which is a clarified butter can be also fine on higher temperature but in low quantity.

I have added some raisins and rum aroma. I suggested to eat it with rum on the top ( for those who like the taste) or some chocolate pudding.

I covered the kuglof with 70% pure black cacao.

I often don't use eggs but this cake needed few.

This cake can be easily adjusted to those who look for a #sugarfree #glutenfree and #diaryfree cake.

Wishing you a nice weekend!

Interested to learn to bake some health cakes or just get ideas for better nutrition?

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