(EN)Isler or linzer? Does it say anything to you? New ways, old traditions

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

I remember, in 2011, we travelled on a plane from Belgium to Hungary with my then, future husband. A man around 80 was sitting next to us, from Leuven. He was very enthusiastic to go finally again to Budapest. He told us that he loves Hungarian desserts and they are just masterpieces ;) He also said that it was hard for him when borders were closed and there was no possibility to travel to Hungary. It is something I will never forget, his eyes were full of respect and happiness. True European heart or I would say, stomach ;)

Now that borders are closed again, we may use our kitchens to try out recipes from other parts of the world :) This one is very very simple.

Isler is with flour, nuts, butter, jam and chocolate on the top.

As you know, I bake most of the time #glutenfree #sugarfree and #dairyfree.

The Isler and Linzer I made with #quinoaflour #wallnuts and #ghee. You can also use #coconutoil. I put a #sugarfree #apricotjam from my Mother, made some 100% #purecocoa melt in a #ghee and used as #chocolate on the top for the Isler. For the linzer Iput no top but a bit of jam in the middle.

Do you like to try new ways of baking? Believe me, once you get used to baking your own cookies and discover how #simple, #easybaking, you will love the taste so much that you will rarely buy those cookies in the shops.

There is nothing better than home-made cookies and the smell of the freshly baked ones. Those who experience your cookies will always remember. Just like the man from the airplane. He dreamt about the Hungarian cookies even when he was not able to travel there... for decades! Have a lovely Sunday!

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