How to strengthen your immune system in the fall? - Proven, natural, immune-boosting tips


While I was picking the Jerusalem artichokes in my garden, I wondered how many people know that our diet also affects our body’s ability to defend against pathogens. If we consider at all that maintaining a healthy gut flora is not just some new fad, but it is also one way to support our immune system. Our body is constantly learning how to balance out all what we come in contact with, and we can help it to function well. I remembered my childhood favorite cartoon series, “Once Upon a Time... Life" which shows very beautifully what wonderful processes take place in the human body - even so, as an adult, it is fascinating to think about it. We need to know that our body is always able to learn and regenerate itself, and the way we become susceptible to infections plays a major role in this, as we are greatly affected by how we live and what we eat. So let’s be conscious this fall too so that our body is prepared for the challenges of the cold weather.

Let's cleanse our body with clean, organic food!

The fall season is an excellent opportunity to detoxify our body, in which seasonal vegetables can help us. We can even have a fruit detox, which is of course this is not recommended those with specific health problems, just think of the high sugar content of the fruits. Therefore, I usually advice, as it suits most people and easy to follow: a 1-2-day fasting, based on seasonal vegetables. Alternatively, follow a diet that only contains steamed vegetables made from pure, organic, raw or wok. It is definitely worth keeping a period of a few days or even a week free of meat, preservatives, sugar and milk and eggs, as this relieves the burden of digestion from our body. When cooler days arrive, you may want to use warming spices and vegetables, but it is worth consuming steamed vegetables. My big favorite is ginger, which also supports the immune system . This plant can be used as a tea, put in a smoothie , cake or even to spice up our food, such as salmon with garlic and ginger. We may also chew a small amount of raw ginger at times, but anyone taking a blood thinner or other medication should consume it away from them in time and only under medical supervision. By the way, we can easily propagate ginger at home, it is worth trying.

Focus on seasonal vegetables and take advantage of their healing power

I tend to encourage everyone to eat a lot of vegetables, because they certainly contain a lot of vitamins and minerals in their natural composition, which greatly supports the healthy functioning of our body. The autumn period as broccoli and cauliflower , the kale, the green beans , the cabbage and potatoes , the fennel and beets and black radishes and onions and carrots we can be our best helpers. These vegetables should, where possible, come from organic production or from soils in which minerals are present in adequate amounts. This alone can give our body serious support to function optimally and be less susceptible to infections.

Look for vitamins and minerals from natural sources!

Nowadays, it is fashion to take various food supplements. It is true that our body needs to be supplemented with many vitamins, minerals and other medicinal and functional foods, but as far as we can, these are best taken naturally. Quercetin, which is widely mentioned today, also needs to be replaced, and it has a key role to play in preventing viral infections and even alleviating their course. Maybe many people have already been replaced by this strong immune-boosting substance on the “vitamin shelf,” but how many people know that unpeeled organic apples, red grapes ,green leafy vegetables, or green tea are also included? Let us not forget that most really effective medicines are extracted from natural ingredients, in this case fruits and vegetables. That is why I do not recommend the consumption of synthetic products to my guests, as there are already so many natural-based products on the market for those who would not be able to get enough of the necessary substances in their diet.

Vitamin D is also very popular among dietary supplements, the consumption of which is really beneficial, especially for those whose has the levels low or at the limits. But who would rather think of spending more time in the daylight or adding mushrooms more often to their diet, not to mention medicinal mushrooms (e.g. shiitake, ganoderma)? And what an immune-boosting force they have! Selenium and zinc are also popular immune boosters of recent times, but do we also know that these minerals are also found in large amounts in mushrooms, some vegetables, and seeds? My personal favorites are pumpkin seeds , which are high in zinc, and Brazil nuts, which, in turn, contain a lot of selenium. Let's get to know and consume these wonders of nature regularly! An additional benefit of choosing this type of solution to supplement our diet is that we certainly cannot overdose on the foods we want to ingest. And one of the real treasures of autumn is quince . It has plenty of vitamins and minerals in it, even used to treat emergency poverty. What is also interesting about this fruit is that consuming it was the only cure in the early stages of tuberculosis that could be proven to help. It is also useful for diarrhea and constipation, which is important because healthy bowel function is one of the cornerstones of our immune system. The nuts due to the omega-3 content of the real “medicine” of the autumn period. However, many people do not even think about the gifts of rosehip and sea ​​buckthorn to nature, because they have an extremely high and well-utilized, natural vitamin C content. And garlic and onions, as garden crops known for their antibacterial and antiviral effects, can help us with the arrival of cold days. Eating healthy seems to be still so impossible? These readily available, natural foods are near us, so choose them instead of loading your body with artificially produced supplements ( unless they are absolutely needed).

We take care of our intestinal flora in a natural way

Pre- and probiotics play a very important role in the regeneration of the intestinal flora. As a coach, I sometimes recommend to take probiotics, at the same time, I encourage my clients to use natural solutions e.g. food. If we manage to incorporate pre- and probiotic rich foods and make them regular in our diet, there will usually be no need for artificial supplementation. Such valuable dishes are probiotic-containing fermented vegetables such as the well-known sauerkraut . The Jerusalem artichoke and one of my big fall favorites on this topic. This slightly forgotten vegetable, which can be grown almost anywhere and can be used well instead of potatoes. Jerusalem artichoke contains inulin and this natural polysaccharide, which is famous for attracting healthy gut bacteria and feed them, palying a huge role in supporting our immune system. The miraculous effect of this crop is that it can be used in the case of food intolerances and food allergies, -as recent research has shown and my professional experience shows-, and it is especially useful in the case of diabetes. These valuable features make this vegetable to be worth growing it in my garden.

Finally, let me tell you a little about myself. The situation is that I had my last cold or a similar illness 10 years ago - although to tell you the truth, I don’t remember exactly, it happened so long ago - and I haven’t been taking antibiotics or other medication for a long long time. Yet like most people, I live a very stressful life: I work a lot and have travelled a lot for work in the past. On occasions like these, I met thousands of people from all over the world, yet I didn’t get sick - my "secret" lies in a healthy lifestyle. I have experienced how difficult it is in our rushing world to find time to rest and exercise, although it is important that we strive as hard as we can. This investment will surely pay off in the long run. To start with, you can already pay attention to what you eat, that’s definitely a habit for everyday.

I am confident that conscious choice in eating helps, managing our daily lives works, if we also trust that our body knows what it is doing. We always feed ourselves with love and faith because that is our only right way to go.

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