(EN)Hazelnuts and sour cherry :) Sweet Sunday: )

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

I had some hazelnuts at home, almond milk and some home made sour cherry jam. So let's see what can we do from this? As rule, fruits are better eaten separately. In this case, if you put fruits or jams into your cakes/ cookies, do make sure you mix them preferably with nuts only.

This cake/ cookie you can eat even without baking. Very simple :) You mix the hazelnuts with some almond milk ( please use vegetable based milk) and then put on the top the jam. I don't think anyone has ever invented something easier! :) Why to eat hazelnuts? They help with weight management, support the healthy level of cholesterol, good against inflammation, and helps with fertility. The only tricky aspect of nuts is the source. If they are bio, organic, you can be a bit more sure that they do not contain a lot of toxins. So try to opt for those.

If you are sensitive to nuts then you should not try this and we should be looking at what is the reason behind your allergy or intollerance. I am soon doing some tests for allergy and intolerance in collaboration with a laboratory, so if you suspect any allergies or intolerances, feel free to contact me. We can make a plan for your diet in collaboration with your doctor.

For those who can eat nuts, do eat them, include them into your diets. Those small things do make a difference and I love to use them in baking, cooking or just eat them naturally.

You can eat them with fruits or jams, the season of fresh fruits is starting! :)

Enjoy your Sunday!

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