Going back to nature: collect fruits, herbs and feel good

This winter, as many others I am spending home ( in Belgium for 10 years), I love so much the village where we live. It is a real home. What makes it a home and so great? You will be surprised :) One of the most important things for me is the forest nearby, where you can connect with the nature. I love being in the nature and just breath, empty my mind. Looking at nature and what it has to offer to all of us.

This time, I am remembering to my Dad. He can not be with me but I carry his spirit with me.

He told me last time I was in their home, let's go and get some hibiscus so we can make a jam. In their village they have many bushes ( even in their garden). That's a kind of spirit I am bringing to here and I encourage all of you to remember or get familiar with this kind of richness. Knowing nature, living with it, is worth more than any fortune!

We have so much healing power around us in the nature, in the fruits, herbs. Even in winter time :)

Hibiscus is good as jam or tea but you can just pick and eat it. :)

It helps the blood circulation system, lowers blood sugar level and full of vitamin C.

Good news also for those on diet that it helps to manage body weight.

These are just few of its benefits you may want to know.

I know that when you live in the city you won't find hibiscus or can not pick it ( also because it may be close to a polluted zone) but you may get from locals who still make their jams or you can of course find tea and supplements as well.

With this post I would just like to honour my family tradition of collecting herbs( for generations - from my Grandfather to my Dad and then to me ) and remind all of you that we have even in winter time fruits and we are taken care of. Nature does take care of us, so let's take care of nature and be aware of all the good we get for free. The more of us aware, the easier it is for nature to survive ( as we hopefully become more conscious and protect more our environment). With these thoughts I wish to all of you good health and enjoy winter walks:) Wherever you are. :)

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