Esterhazy cake - healthy and tasty :) Happy birthday!!!

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

May is a month of birthdays for me. My Mother is born in this month, and many of my friends. I promised to bake this cake for an Austrian friend ( we need to wait for that) and offered it recently to a close friend from Chile. She was very happy and if you are looking for a nice and healthy cake with nuts, you may go for this :)

I rarely use eggs but for the sponge cake, you need to have them. The original recipe has eggs and sugar and flour. I used instead of sugar coconut flower sugar ( lower GI) but you may go other options. I don't use white sugar and I recommend to all of you to throw it out of your kitchens! It takes time to discover other type of natural sweeteners but all of them better than classical white sugar. Some of you asked me what are the type of natural sugars I recommend. It is really not easy to answer as latest scientific research is controversary. I prefer the natural taste and it is much better for our health as well. So the best advice I can give is to use nothing. Of course, this is not always possible. If you need to use something instead of sugar, do go for the natural options! ( e.g. maltitol, xilit, stevia, erythrit, agave, cane sugar, brown sugar). If not heated, honey is the best sweetener:) If you have any specific medical condition, you are expecting a baby or for children I do not recommend sweeteners but you can try to use brown sugar.

In case of the sponge cake, you need to use something, so try to find the best alternative you can get on the market and have no problem with. I do suggest to go for the most natural option, as when you start entering the artificial alternatives, you endanger your own health and also not suitable for children, pregnant etc. So my advice is that if you absolutely need to use sugar, go for a natural option. I used spelt flour which is a healthier option ad tastes good, works well for a sponge cake. In the creme of the cake I have put only walnuts with bit of ghee and a plant-based milk ( I used this time almond milk) but you can use other types as well. You can also use coconut oil ( if you want a totally #vegan cake) or almonds instead of walnuts. I have also used a few drops of rum aroma and sugarfree bourbon vanilla but you can use other type of spices. It is a very simple cake and easy to make it healthy as wallnuts are very healthy in themselves. You should just use less butter ( ghee also should be used moderately) and use almond milk and spelt or other healthier flour type.

To finish, what can you not miss out , especially when you are in the land of chocolate ( Belgium)? Yes, pure cocoa ! :) I mixed the raw, sugarfree cocoa with some ghee and melted on the top of the cake :) It is bitter sweet:) with the walnuts who were very happy to decorate this cake :)

Do you know who was Eszterhazy / Esterhazy?

You may want to read a bit the history of this cake:

Enjoy the Sunday with a cake ! :)

Hopefully, soon, we can celebrate again birthdays together.

Happy birthday to all my friends born in May! :)

P.S: This cake is very special to me as the last time I ate it in a confectionery, was after more than 10 years, around my own birthday ( early March) this year, in Eisenstadt/ Kismarton next to the Esterhazy castle with a nice Austrian friend. Just before the lockdown. I keep on baking and cherish all the good moments and memories in life!

Keep on baking :) and sending good vibes to all of you!

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