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Updated: Aug 27, 2021

2021-03-03 BEGONIA BERNADETT 174 VIEWS Budding trees, blooming flowers, scents, colors, chirping of birds… For everyone, the arrival of spring is different, but one thing is for sure: nature is waking up. The question for us is more, how can we best support our health at this time of the year? Spring offers us the opportunity for renewal as well. It is around this time that the pre-Easter period of Christian culture, and even at this time, traditional Chinese medicine draws our attention to purification. According to this ancient method, spring is the period of the liver and bile. Because the liver is one of our fastest-regenerating and regenerable organs, spring cleansing is topical not only in our homes but also in our bodies. It is good to discard everything that is unnecessary and get rid of the accumulated toxins. However, we don’t necessarily have to fast or start a strict diet. We can help our body gently and lovingly, but in a targeted and disciplined way. Rather, make fewer dietary changes, but adhere to them anyway. Never choose drastic methods to cleanse your body, but with the help of an expert, find the way that works best for us. What is a useful tip for everyone, then, is a seasonal diet made up of clean foods. I would now like to give you five simple tips for this. 1. Prefer sweet and bitter flavors . What it means? By no means do you want to eat sugary foods! On the other hand, you do build on the benefits of a natural sweet taste. It always surprises my guests that I don’t forbid them from enjoying the sweet taste. Why? Because we need it because it is good for us, it calms the body and soul as well. But in all cases, think of naturally sweet foods. For example, nuts , almonds, and most seeds are sweet, as are most fruits, and among vegetables, beets. A dear guest of mine recently wrote to me how grateful he was to rediscover the wonderful taste of fresh beets through me. However, turnips can also get on your plate due to their bitter, cleansing and warming properties. In this case, you can safely consume it even as a vegetable pinch, without fat, prepared in the oven. However, if you find it a little extreme, you can also stay with the potatoes made in the oven. So, feel free to eat naturally sweet foods! 2. Look for the green . You may be amazed now, but this greenness can even be a dandelion leaf salad - I always say that a healthy meal isn’t, and doesn’t have to be, expensive. Your body will always be grateful for salads and leafy vegetables anyway - as they are full of chlorophyll - but from spring to autumn you really have the opportunity to get them easily. In this case, you can eat these green foods raw or even on their own. If you’re more cold, make sure you have warming food or spices with them, but don’t use too many spicy flavors, all in moderation. 3. When cooking, try to preserve the texture of the food, do not cook for long. Rather, a quick stew in a wok or a quick “sauté” (sudden frying), but a light vegetable soup and vegetable can also be ideal on the spring menu bar. You can even conjure up wonderful vegetable soups in a creamy style, but without the milk. You can also make vegetables without milk and flour, especially if you want to lose weight. In this case, you can make things easier for your digestive system if you don’t mix protein with carbohydrates. Nor is it a side thing that the prepared food can be even tastier. 4. Eat less meat. While meat consumption is more recommended in winter, I only recommend it once or twice a week, of course, if there is no health reason or increased physical activity that necessitates repeated consumption. There are plenty of alternatives to it instead, and if we reduce the amount, the body can cleanse nicely during this period. If you still can’t give up enjoying the meat, there’s one thing to keep in mind: keep it clean and as little processed as possible. What it means? Let that meat be organic, that is, be it made from grass fed beef, for example. I know it’s hard to get this, but believe me, it’s worth the time and money invested. Unfortunately, most of the cold cuts are also worth trash because they contain a lot of unnecessary “toxins”. Of course I know that the consumption of quality food (and thus the protection of our health) is largely determined by whether we have the means and opportunity to obtain quality food from the right place. Most people do not know where to get quality meat products that are guaranteed to be free of antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, and other substances that are harmful to the body. Unfortunately, this is a worldwide problem, but I suggest that you definitely strive for a solution. So, if you haven’t been given this option, regular detoxification and less meat consumption can also help a lot.Unfortunately, this is a worldwide problem, but I suggest that you definitely strive for a solution. So, if you haven’t been given this option, regular detoxification and less meat consumption can also help a lot.Unfortunately, this is a worldwide problem, but I suggest you definitely work towards a solution. So, if you haven’t been given this option, regular detoxification and less meat consumption can also help a lot. 5. Avoid all fast food . By this I mean, for example, French fries, cold cuts, foods that contain a lot of sweeteners, sugar or salt. Anything that is far from the natural state of food. So if you have to choose, you should opt for homemade sausages rather than store sausages. Of course, in the spring, it’s best if none of it gets on your plate. However, it is very important to make sure that the right amount of fat gets into your body, and here I am thinking primarily of vegetable oils. What are these? The flaxseed oil and pumpkin seed oil and poppyseed oil and extra virgin olive oil. However, do not use them for frying or cooking, but pour over your salad or stir for cold or lukewarm dishes. You should know that by consuming these types of vegetable oils, you can do a lot not only for your good cholesterol levels, but also for the healthy functioning of your nervous and hormonal system. Therefore, in the spring, when there is a fast season again, be especially careful not to start a cure that does not contain enough valuable fat. I hope that by following these dietary tips, spring renewal will be invigorating for you too. Remember that it is also essential to get the right food on your plate to achieve a good mood and the right level of energy. However, whatever refinements you bring into your spring diet, it’s best to always eat fresh, organic, and, where possible, vegetables and fruits produced by local farmers. If you follow this, you are definitely on the right track. Of course, relax enough, always come to rest in time, and whenever you can, be outdoors, among the many wonders of nature.

My spring recipe idea - Asparagus with dandelion salad Dandelion is a real gift of spring and you can make it in many ways. With this simple refreshing delicacy, you can already smuggle color into your new diet.

  • Simmer a handful of green asparagus in a steamer - approx. It will be ready in 5 minutes. (You can cut it into smaller pieces beforehand, but this is optional.) When done, pour it over a little extra virgin olive oil or pumpkin seed oil, or you can add a little chopped garlic as a seasoning.

  • Wash the dandelion leaves. (If you take it yourself, look for a place that is not busy - pasture, forest is better than the side of the road.) Put the leaves on a plate, and if you have no food intolerance, enrich it with walnuts, goat cheese, boiled eggs and steamed asparagus. . If you like, you can also sprinkle it with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

  • If you miss the sauce, blend the asparagus together and you can go for the salad.

So eating healthy is not a luxury, but one of the cornerstones of the path to a full life, it will make not only our body but also our soul more alive and smooth. If you would like to eat more consciously and have questions about the topic, I look forward to hearing from you. I wish you a wonderful spring renewal!

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