Dairy-free drinks and sugar free cakes- go nuts! :)

Some asked me if I can eat dairy. I can, but I am careful with it. Unfortunately, as for most people, it is not that easy to digest. Most importantly, I love so much the variety of the vegan milks and their tastes! Have you tried any?

In Ayurveda, you eat certain type of food together and you are not supposed to mix certain things. Cow milk is not easy if you wish to keep the 'digestion fire' active. I like to keep my 'fire' so I have energy and can manage the cold weather.

I remember that when first time I went to India, I have met the consul at the Indian embassy in Hungary ( for my tourist visa) who was one the friendliest person I have ever met. He was fascinated that I knew so much about his culture and ayurveda. His family was very happy to live in Hungary and loved truly Hungarian people and culture. We exchanged a lot on culture, food and healing practice. He loved Peto Institute and was impressed by the Kodaly method. Well, that is for a future blog.

Today, I just wanted to share with you that you can make easily from rice, oat or almond milk a cup of warming drink for your digestive' fire'

I made today some hot chocolate with oat milk, cinnamon, clove ( without sugar) and maca.

Do you know what maca is?

Maca is not macha. The only similarity that they are both very healthy:)

Maca is known also as 'Peruvian ginseng' and very good for fertility ( for both sex) and helps to manage circulation better. It gives a lot of energy. Just for the start of the day, what I needed!:)

My Sunday cake was made from quinoa flour and nuts ( for the pastry) and full of berries and wallnut on the top. It contained no sugar, no gluten and I really loved that it was full of protein.

Quinoa is also from Peru, it is very rich in protein and fiber. It has many minerals and naturally sweet, so I did not miss sugar at all.

You can decorate your plate with some goji or other berries and nuts:)

I would like to thank for my Mom to give me the wallnuts from their tree, it was really very good. Try to get organic wallnuts, they taste very different than the industrial ones.

Would you like to know more about healthy and tasty food and drink?

Feel free to contact me at hello@budapestwellness.club

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