Connecting with my life mission: Budapest Wellness Club

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Those who know me from my childhood, they know my story. I was three years old and I said to my Mom, ' I will do some massage for you and heal you'. I have been always interested in how we relate to each other, how we communicate with ourselves. How we create positive energies and go with the flow. What do you say to yourself? How do you talk? Do you have any message to you and do you appreciate life? Just the fact that you are there, and doing what you need to. We are ENERGY. We may not be able to heal everything and we need to carry our own ' crosses' but we can be always kind. Kindness, calmness and respect are very strong healers as well. Give those to yourself, and then you will be able to give that also to others. If you don't receive those energies back, do not take it on you, be mature enough to observe yourself, learn and move on. Take what you need from the criticism, take what makes you better, and do not fall down. Stay who you are. Pressure is too high often to stop: observe and stay on/ find our own path.

I had a passion to learn new things, I worked always internationally. I still do and I love my everyday job:) At the same time, I feel that my time has arrived to open this old passion and give it to others. It is really important how we live our lives and how we relate.

I loved always nature and grew up close to it, in a small village. For me, collecting herbs and making your own tea, cooking healthy, living in a sustainable way came as normal.

In school I won an international competition ( Red Cross) with Healthy Living and met many like-minded people in Luxembourg. I was not interested in becoming a doctor but studied constantly about psychology, communication, alternative medicine, energy therapies. Then, my life started to speed up. I had been very successful in my job, travelled a lot. I work with people from very different cultures and I love that variety.

Ups and downs followed in my life. I tried to reconnect with myself and live a healthy life.. In a big city life, in Budapest I tried to escape to the thermal baths, to swim, and learn about my own limits. I studied at the International Wellness Institute and did many studies related to well-being and services. I met many excellent specialists, wonderful people. If you have a dream about a high quality wellness service, you will get that in Hungary :)

In 2010 moved countries, I made Belgium a real home. I kept on going back to Hungary for wellness therapies and studies. I noticed how rich Hungary was in this and also how much people turn to me for advice. In Belgium there are maybe less thermal baths but there are many other opportunities to explore :) It is a choice. It just important to know what works for you.

In Hungary the people are kind and have a big heart. This big heart I would like to show to the world with the creation of this virtual wellness club. Where my passion for wellness and communication meets each other, where you find a safe place to ask any question about natural products, sustainable living and YOU TAKE WHAT YOU NEED. Welcome to my wellness world :) # budapestwellnessclub #virtualwellnessclub #healthyliving #findyourpath

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