Choco roll: how to make it healthy?What is rutin?

Do you eat choco rolls? Do you know how to make them? I love them and missed them for some time. So they became my next #Sundaycake for you :) I eat only #nosugar cookies, and I often try to make them with #nogluten #healthy flour types. I used #buckwheat flour which has plenty of rutin.

Rutin is important as it helps to make your blood vessels, artieries more flexible. It is much recommended to people with not sufficient blood circulation. If you have any issues, like hemorrhoids, thrombosis or blood cots, it is very useful to include rutin into your diet.

Buckwheat has a special taste but if you try to bake choco rolls, you may want to add something sweet. I don't use sugar ( I have thrown all white sugar away 20 years ago from my diet), so I use stevia ( rarely). For this cookie, I did use, it needed something sweet. I have also added some bourbon vanilla.

I used clarified butter. You may know it as ghee. It is a good idea to have it at home and use this for baking and cooking sometimes. Ghee is special as it has a higher smoke point than butter and also acceptable for most people with #lactoseintollerance or #milkallergy.

If you like cinnamon, you can put some on the top or in the choco rolls.

Have a nice Sunday!

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