Budapest Wellness - it is about the feeling and not a location

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Some of you asked me what is this Budapest Wellness and why Budapest.

Those who know me, know that when I moved to Belgium I was very happy for my job ( I still love it) and my love life ( finally!!!).

However, I missed my hobby, the wellness studies, the writing to Fitt.Info and Komplementer Medicine magazines ( worked as wellness journalist in Hungary ) an just that BUDAPEST FEELING :) In Brussels, I worked 10-14 hours a day and I felt often sick ( this happens when you love your job and don't listen to your body).

I could not reconnect with who I was and wanted to be. I saw people in similar situations: being constantly tired etc... I noticed that around me it is not trendy at all to be healthy and set this a priority. Lot of people around are overworked and stressed. I had to go though several crisis moments to say that now it is TIME to change.


Then, I started to tell my story. I would like to make a difference and give a chance to people to experience their own power to feel good.

I learnt more and more from specialists and met wonderful people in Hungary and Belgium. I did a lot of studies and work with people I respect a lot.

I got all my courage together and started to work. I opened up and offered what I learnt.

Since then I was taking inspiration and developed my own wellness method.

I combine the experience of 15 years on this subject but I still have a lot to learn.

One day, I woke up and suddenly Budapest Wellness Club was created :) I felt that physical meetings with a combination of a virtual club will be the best for people I know. This way, easier to connect.

So this club is my creation, I love it very much and I hope to be able to help to a many of you.

"It is about a feeling and not a location. "

#findyourownwellness #budapestwellnessclub

On the picture you can see the cake I baked yesterday. I arrived home after work and wanted to save some fruits, so made this :) for more info go to

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