Birthday invitation :)

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

In few days I celebrate my birthday.

This year is special to me, a sort of re-birth :)

As many of you know, I decided to follow my old passion and have a wellness club.

I am still mapping and checking out where my contribution is needed but made a lot of progress, which I will be sharing with you.

Before officially starting this complementary activity ( I will keep my job which I love on smart cities as well), I would like to listen to friends and those who may be interested in my services, so I can respond better to you, to them.

I have been working as a wellness journalist and studied communication and many other well-being related subjects, now in Belgium I am studying nutrition ( in Dutch) and Mindfulness ( in English). Soon hopefully I will be able to get my certificates! Wish me luck :)

My intention is offering my energies to those who need what I can give. I will see how it goes and how much demand I have for my services. As we say: " you don't see if you don't try".

So I do try and we will see ;) It will be very interesting for me to listen to what you think about my planned services :) Please feel free to invite a friend of yours, who you think could be interested.

At this B-day party I will tell you a bit more about what made me to start this and when I plan officially to kick off.

The main areas I am working on are:

Communication, nutrition, cooking, natural beauty products and services, teas, herbs, relaxation, guide to wellness services.

The questions you may turn to me with:

Nutrition: Would you like to try tasty, healthy recipes or change your diet? Would you like to know if you have any food allergies or intolerance? If you have any allergies, and would you like to know what you can eat?

Natural remedies:

Are you taking supplements randomly and would you like to know more about what is really necessary?

Stress management:

Are you having sleeping problems, looking for natural ways to relax? Ready to invest in learning new techniques?


Would you like to learn new communication methods or just communicate better?

Natural beauty:

Would you like to learn about natural beauty products?

Sustainable fashion:

Interested to learn a more sustainable lifestyle: clothing& look good?

Online programs:

Would you like to follow an online program for meditation, wellness, communication or nutrition?

For details, precise hour, address please contact me at hello < AT>

You can read my blog here:

On Facebook:


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