Berries and nuts cake for Sunday

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

As you know, I am sharing vegan, sugar-free cakes most of the time. I may use other ingredients later, so do keep reading me if you are interested to learn more. I am not vegan.

I used to be for 8 years but now it is not anymore a must.I do like vegan food though and most of the time we eat vegan at home because we just love it!!! ;) I love trying out new ways of cooking, baking and enjoy being able to show to people how many choices they have for a good food. I do not eat white sugar for about 15 years ( unless it comes in something in a restaurant) and I do not use much of the sweeteners either. I simply love the real taste of the things!

Also, I like to share with you the benefits you have with eating differently. I do not share in my blog the recipes but for those who contact me I am happy to share with.This cake was ready in 35 minutes :), so you do not need to book a lot of time, do not worry!

This cake is with mix of superfood such as goji berries and contains dried bluberries, mix of nuts ( almonds, walnuts etc).

I used only rice milk and rye flour.

Rye is better for blood-sugar management and also has a lot of magnesium. It is good for your heart and also keeps good cholesterol. It has also a lot of fiber which is good for many reasons but will definitely keep you in good shape and your digestion.

I put on the plate also some fresh blueberries.

Bluberries are full of vitamins ( C and even K) and minerals. They are good for your skin, bones, heart, and digestion. I have known them as something good for the eyes:)

Whatever is the truth, they are so tasty together with nuts that my husband told me that I need to bake this cake more often. ;)

Nuts are protein bombs and also full of vitamins and antioxidants. I recommend often walnuts and almonds but do make sure you take organic ones ( they contain much less toxins).

I have made also a nice cup of oat milk with fresh ginger (I cut it freshly). In Chinese medicine it is used for many digestive disorders and it warms stomach and the spleen. When someone comes to me for advice on what to eat, I do look at also the profile based on this very ancient medicine.

I hope I can inspire you with these cakes and show you that it is possible to eat sugar-free ( I don't have white sugar at home for more than 15 years!!!) and I am in very good shape. Your body will be so happy once you start eating less sugar. I do only step by step and realistic programs, never extreme diets. It is important to enjoy food, life and eat well.

If you are interested to know more, please contact me at

Happy Sunday for all!

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