Begonia Wellness Club, Is it for me?

Are you interested in living a healthier life?

Would you like to learn new communication methods or just communicate better?

Are you taking supplements randomly and would like to know more about what is really necessary ?

Would you like to learn about natural products (food, cosmetics, herbs)?

Are you looking for leading a more sustainable lifestyle?

Would you like to learn about natural beauty products or sustainable clothing?

Would you like to try tasty, healthy recipes or change your diet?

Are you having any allergies, and would you like to know what you can eat?

Are you looking a specialist on the field of well-being (e.g. reflexologist) and would like to know how to know what type of specialist suits you best?

Are you looking for a wellness weekend or just tips you can follow at home (wellness @home)?

Are you interested in trying out new sports or relaxation techniques?

These are few questions you can turn to us and we can guide you.

Begonia Wellness Club

Is a virtual wellness club ( under development), we offer personalised services to you online and in person in Belgium, on the fields of communication, wellness and beauty.

For more info please visit:

Founder of the wellness club

Bernadett Köteles- Degrendele, communication (VUB, Brussels) & wellness International Wellness Institute) expert. At present, she is following a program in Belgium to become a Mindfulness trainer and a nutritionist.

Previously she did her practice in a medical centre and published in several wellness magazines. She works also as project adviser for energy efficiency, sustainability and smart cities.

Contact details:


Messenger: Begonia Wellness Club

Facebook oldal: Begonia Wellness Club


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