Are you holding yourself back ?It's time to do your thing!

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

When someone comes to me the first time for a session, I offer a tea and then sometimes ( depends on the person) we play a small game. It works best when you have a question but can be at any moment of your life.

We pick a tea card with a message, question on it.

I picked this card few months ago, just before starting the club. It was a dream for a long time and it took me time to say that I would try. I give it a chance and do what I can. I will see how many people are interested if at all. It is true, I will never know if I do not try...

Are there any things you wish to start? Do you feel the calling to do something which is so much you but you are afraid what maybe people think about you? Are you questioning if you are ready or not? Listen to your inner voice and believe in yourself.

When it is time, do you your 'thing'. We are all born to here with talents. Sometimes many talents. I have seen so many people around me doing very different jobs, taking different roles in life.

I am not saying you need to jump into something but do listen to your heart and make slowly space for the things which matter to you. The world is happier if you are happy.

It is you who creates the space ( even if in your head something says that " I can not afford" or " have no time". Make a plan, build slowly up what you believe in and see what happens.

If you decide to come to me, you can choose to pick your card and think about the message and question which will be for you.

In the meantime, meditate, "pray" and let guidance come to your life.

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