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Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Last year I went to visit a very good friend of mine, Viktoria and we went to the Balaton for a weekend. It was my birthday gift to her, so we could finally spend some proper time together. Friendships stay important even if you are far from each other. The most you can give to each other, is making time for each other. We both needed and deserved some time together.

I remember arriving very late at night on a Friday and then having her nice apricot sponge cake as breakfast. What a great surprise! :) She inspired me for this Sunday cake as she put cinnamon into the cake and simply loved the combination of #apricot and #cinnamon.

The #sponge #cake is with eggs and I made it very light, so put only some vanilla and a very little #coconutflowersugar with the eggs and then a bit of #quinoa flour. So it became completely #glutenfree. The advantage of the apricot cake is that the the fruit gives already some sweet flavour, so it does not require much sweetening.

Usually, the rule is that we do not eat #fruits with other things. For our digestion it is better to eat fruits apart or max with nuts. Time to time we can break rules and that is also fine. Still, we can try to keep what we are eating as #healthy as possible. The #eggs and fruits were fine together and cinnamon is helping the digestion fire. It is not a #vegan cake this time, so if you are looking for that, check the other blog items please: www.begoniawellness.club/ blog

This cake had my Mother's apricot jam inbetween and some fresh apricots on the top.

Why to eat apricots?

I would just answer, I love them as they as so tasty! Well, to be a bit more scientific, they are full of vitamins ( C, A etc), they are good for your #heart, #metabolism, #bones and #skin. It has also iron, so great news for the #vegans who often need to look for plant-based #iron sources.

Eat them fresh or try this cake :) You won't get disappointed ;)

Enjoy your Sunday!

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