Apple pie à la Bernadett:)

I hope my timing is good enough for those who wish to use my tip for a Sunday cake.

As you know I like to invent new recipes, especially when it comes to cakes and cookies ;)

I often bake apple pie as it is easy, quick and can be done in so many different ways.

Today, I was thinking of my neighbours ( and wanted to wish them Happy New Year) who are the loveliest people on earth. They can not eat sugar so I baked without sugar but even without eggs this time.

I used a mix of spelt and quinoa flour. You have heard of me from quinoa in my previous post so by now you should be all aware how good that for our body. Full of proteins and minerals but what is even better, it is naturally sweet without increasing blood sugar!!!

I discovered this when I baked the cake and it tasted still sweet without any added sugar. Of course, I don't use ever sugar ( so I am kind of used to not eating it) but even those who do would be surprised how great is to use quinoa flour when you bake something sweet.

For those who are really sweet tooth I suggest using stevia( good and safe alternative to sugar).

Spelt is also an interesting wheat, it contains also a lot of fiber and minerals and very easy to digest. If you have not tried it yet, I encourage you to explore it.

The cake was a simple one, just some flour, vegetable oil source based ' butter' - not too much! and some oat milk ( you can use almond, oat or any other milk of course).

Then added some apples with cinnamon and clove inside and baked it ;) It was ready in 25 minutes and got eaten up way too quick ;)

I would like to encourage all of you to explore how many different ways you can prepare healthier cakes. It is an adventure and if you try, slowly you may fall in love with the new tastes. Just like me and my husband did :) When we met we loved trying out healthy recipes. We love eating but good quality and we know what works for us. Believe me, it is easy and is not at all a sacrifice. It is so much fun!!

Are you curious to see how much variety we got in food from this world?

I am happy to guide you and I am soon going to be a certified nutritionist in Belgium.

Have a great and tasty start of 2020!


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