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"Knowledgeable, genuine, a good listener, Bernadett is excellent in adapting to your needs in a way you get results in a personal, professional, and comfortable way. She opened a new colorful world of nutrition for me." Bart, Belgium

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"Bernadett gave helpful tips on how to use vitamins and herbs more effectively.  Before I met her, I bought supplements that I thought were good for me. Today, I am conscious and sure that I take the right vitamins only. She works holistically, helped me think differently about my life, and helped me go through an emotionally difficult time. She has a lot of empathy and I  was very satisfied with our wellness plan :) Viktória, Hungary

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"I was very well advised on my intolerances and my food habbits: I discovered new nutrients to enrich my fooddiet, I found a couple of ingredients I am intolerant for and which make me feel more tired. Also she gave me good tips on how to replace them. Bernadett's approach is to the point. I can only advise her if you want to improve your well-being." Virginie, Belgium

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"Bernadett is an excellent wellness expert and a wonderful person. Her advice and guidance on nutrition have contributed a lot to improving my wellbeing, and I can only be grateful to her for this." Damián, Spain

I've been working with Bernadett for few months. A lot has changed, but as I feel now, physically and spiritually, it’s all worth it. I am healthier, I have more energy, and I feel my better in my inner calm. My family is happy with the change. Thanks Bernadett, Anikó , Hungary

Note: The quotes are real from my clients but the pictures are not made about them, they are added only for illustration purposes.

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Welcome to my club. I am a coach. A certified nutritionist, a wellness manager and a leadership coach with many years of experience. I am working with natural ways and I developed my own method which includes not only advice for your diet but your lifestyle and more. It is tailor-made, personalized, doable. We talk actually very little about what exactly you eat but rather about the how.... but it all depends on what you need. My method is not a diet that makes you suffer or gives you a feeling of shame if you can’t follow it. It is a new relationship with your life, food and it works. So never ever feel ashamed again or be crazy about eating healthy, just learn what works for you and follow it. I am a doer and I will give you all tools and guidance to succeed.

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