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Welcome to my club. I am a coach. A certified nutritionist, a wellness manager, expert of natural healing methods.

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Autoimmune disease, cardiovascular problems, high inflammation markers: after 6 months the person could discuss the reduction of medication with his doctor. Inflammation markers went down and his blood test and general condition became much better.  40 years old person with a history of 25 years of autoimmune problems.

Happy Female Gardener

Reflux and stress:  

within 6 months the symptoms decreased. Medication could be reduced by the doctor. 65 years old person with a long history of the problem.

Diabetes and coeliac disease combination:  In this case, the most important success to report is the management of the problem with special products, cooking tips, recipes, and also coaching. I give complimentary support next to the medical supervision, and practical tips. 

The coaching is given to a Parent of a child with a problem. 

Cholesterol, heart problem and overweight

The person in 6 months reached a better diet, does more exercise and sleeps. It is a long way to go but her weight went down and feels better.

50 years old person

Man Drinking Machiatto

Gynecological problems, endometriosis: hormone levels became normal in 1 year and since then no trace of any issue. No medication is needed. 29 years old woman with 5 years of history of the disease.

Thyroid problems: 

Diet, exercise, sleep, vitamins, supplements, and herbs are all very useful. In 12 months the symptoms related to hyperthyroidism disappeared and medication could be reduced. 45 years old person

Happy Woman

These are examples of stories. There are many more. Remember, I work with nutrition, lifestyle, and wellness tips ( exercise, sleep). These are only complementary to medical support but highly effective.  For more information, please visit: SERVICES


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