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Welcome to my club. I am Bernadett.  Passionate about technology, nature and healthy living. Via "Begonia Wellness" I wish to lead all of us towards a balanced life... everything and everyone matters. 

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- What principle do you believe in?

“Clearly in prevention. If there is a serious illness, the doctor must be in control of the healing process, and I can only supplement his/her work with my professional knowledge. I have a focus on natural methods. I believe that we should be eating food that is rich in nutrients and, as much as possible, clean. If we have a choice, we should also go for local sources. It is important that as few as possible preservatives and additives enter our bodies. If we need to take supplements, they need to be clean. I really look carefully into what dietary supplements or vitamins my guests take. However, the key to success is faith. Faith in ourselves, love ourselves, and be optimistic about the world.”

From 2023 I am not working anymore as coach. I am sharing my experience via my videos, blog. This is a gift from me to the world.  ( I have no services to pay for). 

If you find useful what I do, I would appreciate if you subscribed to my YouTube channel, my newsletter and read my blog. If you think, others may benefit from what I do, feel free to share my posts and inform them about me. 

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